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The superlative form in English

We use superlative adjectives to compare more than two things since they express the extreme or highest degree of a quality. Forming the superlative of an adjective is very similar to the comparative form but we only have one way of forming superlatives.

Generally, we use the or a possessive adjective before the superlative form.


           Blue whales are the largest whales
           What was your best subject at school?

The rules for making superlative adjectives are almost identical to the rules for making comparative adjectives. They are:

        A. One syllable words: we add -est to the word. Remember that it is sometimes necessary to double the final consonant, specifically when the word ends in vowel + consonant.

       Examples are: strong to the strongest and big to the biggest.

       B. One syllable words ending with an -e: we only add -st like fine to the finest or rare to the rarest.

       C. Two syllable words ending with a -y: we change the -y to an -i and add -est. Two examples are crazy to the craziest and silly to the silliest.

       D. Two and three syllable words: we use most or least. Examples include most desirable and least expensive.

Finally, we also have to take into account that there are three forms that are irregular. In the following table you have them summarized:

the best
the worst
the furthest / farthest

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