lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

Web pages to improve your pronunciation

Pronunciation is usually one of the most difficult skills in learning English. To help you improve this skill, here I leave you some really useful web pages that you can use. Using these web pages will help you not only to improve your pronunciation but also your listening skills since both of them go together.


Very useful web page in which you can follow an English course focused above all in listening although it also has some interesting exercises of translation with which you can also learn a lot of vocabulary. The first time you enter into the site, you can do a placement test to choose the best course for you.


This is a dictionary of pronunciation. You only have to introduce the word you want to know and it gives you the pronunciation of the word said by people from all around the world. This is also very useful to learn about accents all around the world.


This is very similar to the previous page but even better. You can introduce longer texts and listen its pronunciation in different accents (Australian, American, English…)


Another very useful activity to improve pronunciation and listening is watching films and TV shows in English. If you have a low level of understanding, you can listen it in English and put the subtitles in Spanish. If you level is intermediate, you should put the subtitles in English. Finally, if your level is advanced, it is better if you see them with no subtitles. I always recommend seeing the films and TV shows with English subtitles, no matter your level. In this way, you will make the effort of understanding the language.

In this web page you can see films and TV shows in English.


Blog that contains advice, videos and exercises to improve your pronunciation. It also contains some really interesting phonology courses.

Also, I have found a very useful link in which you have a lot of applications for mobiles phones that can be really interesting. This is the link:

Hope this has been useful for you! 

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